Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tribute To Childhood?

As much I would like to, I do not have my good camara with me all the time - and I do need to remember more often, that there is actually always a camera in my bag: namely the camera in my mobile phone. Luckily that fact was remembered the other night on my way home from the local library, when I spotted some streetart, that just made me smile.

The streetartist must have been brought up with "Where is Wally?" (Danish translation became "Kan du finde Holger?"), since he created this hippie-style version of Wally :o) and I wonder how many kids, that have said "Look Mommy/Daddy!!" when passing this piece of streetart.

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Anne-Marie said...

My eldest boy had all the Wally books, and loved 'em!