Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sound Of The Reel

Remember that sound, when you escaped into the cinema darkness and could hear the sound of the movie reel?

When I heard that sound earlier today, my initial thought was "What's that noise?!" - soon to be followed by "That's perfect!". I had ventured into the cinema darknes not only to see a movie in black/white, but a silent movie. Know many people that would think that the silent part makes the movie booring, but that only because they have not seen it.

"Merely" by body language and music, you were lured into the movie and I think that you have stronger feelings awakened when watching this kind of movie. Guess many people will not think of music as special/sound effects, but it truly is - maybe a low-tech version of it, but it works.

Perhaps you have guessed already: the movie I saw was "The Artist. I saw the trailer a couple of months back, and already then it captured my curiousity: Would I even like this movie? That question made me decide, that I should give it a try.

This is the best movie that I have seen in years - and my fingers are crossed that it will win the Oscar for BestMovie tonight (tomorrow my time). I heard a Danish movie expert (just when I got home from the cinema) say, that for him it was a mystery how this movie could be so popular - it could only have happened due to the best networking amongst high profile movie people. It only arose one big question in my head: "Has he even seen that movie?"

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Cole Meyer said...

Buster Keaton move over. Drawing the audience in with only music and action is an art in itself -- and has to be tougher than all they pyrotechnics that are so popular today. Glad you enjoyed it!