Sunday, February 5, 2012


Woke up this morning with the faint sound of shovels working. When listenen, there was no doubt in my mind! Snow! :o) Jumped out of bed and straight to the window: wonderful, white snow. It is still freezing cold outside, but ventured out on a ½hour walk.

Number of bird feeders has increased, and now two places in the park, supplemented on apples and loafs of bread hanging on the trees. Saw a man busy with refilling the birdfeeders, and gave me a big smile when I said "thank you" to him..... do not think that many people remembers to do so.

Today's photos taken with my iPhone so not the usual photo quality


claire7q said...

Just love windmills, could you imagine living in a converted one? How cool would that be?

Vicky said...

Does'nt the world look lovely covered in the white stuff - just for a day mind you, then it gets tedious.