Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Homemade bread

Maybe you've seen WASA's crispbread on OPRAH - anyway I was brought up with this type of bread - well different varities actually, and its good with hardboiled eggs, cheese, jam and soo much more.... My breakfast usually included 1 or 2 pieces of this type of bread.

A colleague of mine brought homebaked crispbread to the office one day - with many type of seeds in it - YUMMI :o) I got a copy of the recipe and bought all the ingredients. That was one month ago.

So whenever the blogger Melanie has mentioned WilliamsSonoma in her blog I have thought about trying this recipe, but haven't gotten around to it.... until today that is.

And while my crispbread were baking in the oven I watched Nigella Christmas, that I recorded on my DVR while I was in Barcelona. Those recipes she presented - wow I can actually eat a lot of the stuff she cooked, as most ingredients are allowed in my MS diet, I am soo getting her book via Amazon :o) I already have her Nigella Express, which has helped me cook lots of times. Why buy fastfood? Most of her recipes hardly take any time to make, and I always make double portions so I can put them into my freezer - that way I always have fastfood.

Now I am only left with one question to myself: Why did I stop baking bread, cookies etc.? I did it all the time, when I studied at the university. And the time invested really pays off, since the results is usually yum-yum. Maybe I just discovered a 2010 New Year resolution: make more homemade bread. :o)

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh this is cute!! I'm glad you made it again!! I've never made home-made bread, but I love getting rolls from the bakery when they are fresh out of the oven!! =)