Sunday, December 20, 2009

Women of Grace

Sunday... just want to forget all about this week's events and not think of my postponed holiday...

What is better than doing it in the company of two women with grace... well not face to face as that is not possible but doing some of the things I love - watching a movie at the local cinema and reading a book.

"Coco Before Chanel" - Audrey Tatou has been one of my favourite acresses ever since Amélie, and her portrait of Coco Chanel is amazing. Everybody knows Chanel when fashion is mentioned - but how many know about her background?

A guy thought it was ok to check his email on his blackberry while watching the movie - some of us asked him to turn it of, as the light from the blackberry's screen was disturbing us "oh no can't do that - it is important issues" ??!! One of the cinema's employee's gave him an ultimatum - turn it off or go home to his wife instead of being at the cinema with his mistress ... he really hit a nerve, as the guy's face turned white and his mistress was soo soon as the movie ended they went outside in a hurry.

Second woman of grace: Audrey Hepburn.

I bought the book "What Would Audrey Do?" a while ago and started reading it today.

There are fun bits in the book that will never apply to me - but on the other hand, there might just be a few things that's worth considering.

Just writing this entry made me remember an exhibition (on loan from the MET) I saw in Chicago abouth Jacueline Kennedy - The White House Years where all the beautiful and memorable outfits were on display.... just browsing through the catalogue from that exihibition right now.... maybe, that's why I enjoy watching "Project Runway" - to see how the designers get their inspiration :o)

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