Monday, December 7, 2009

Old style communication

In one of my first blog posts I wrote about writing letters - well that is still my most cherished kind of communication.

I write emails all day long at my job and therefore dont consider them to be very personal when it comes to my own private mailbox - for me it is for leaving short messages: unless there is some vital info involved. Ok the monthly list of bills to be paid is still preferred at the mailbox instead of using vast amount of paper..... At work emails are necessary when communicating to people worldwide and also for written reference, that might be needed in claim cases etc.

Then there is the phone - sometimes I actually miss when it was attached to a cord.... yes if you weren't a home you might have to queue up at a phonebooth, and you would actually miss calls when you were not at home, and an answering machine would pick up a message... Now you are never alone - it could ring at anytime...

Several people I now instantly picks up the mobile, when they either leave their home or their job and chats away - usually about "nothing".... a lot of them while driving a car, a bicycle etc... Hello??!! Dont they know how many traffic accidents that actually could be avoided if they weren't on the phone.

The job equipped me with a mobile - so basically I am available 24/7 - but usually it does not ring at night nor in the weekends: the most times it has rung in the weekends are when my presence is suddenly urgently requested in another country.

I no longer have the old fashioned phone - a landline number is too expensive, so I actually have a private mobile phone as well.... and if I am not at home it is actually turned off.... yes after 7 years of addiction to my mobile phone I discovered the off-button :o)

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