Friday, December 25, 2009

Is goal free living possible?

I am currently in Spain - and Christmas is upon us. Have just enjoyed dinner in the hotel restaurant as my feet would have killed me, if I chose a restaurant away from the hotel. But enjoyed the calm surroundings and good food, that was not too pricy.

I always have a moleskin note in bag - it has been part of the "inventory" for that past 5+ years. Scribble down quotes from books/newspapers/movies, display discriptions from museum artefacts, curious fact regarding various traditions etc.

An entry that I have comletely forgotten somehow, "screamed" at me - in Stephen Shapiro's book "Goal Free Living", he writes aboud several secrets to living a goal free life: "Use a compass, not a map" is one of them.

Instead of writing New Years resolutions, one should rather find one word to describe the following year - that word will more than likely have mutiple meanings.

Well, didn't have a hard time finding my word to describe 2010 - actually it has been waiting idle on the tip of my tongue for a long time now:
Creativity as exploring if more of my ideas will come true:

  • Spreading joy when sending a homemade/selfmade card instead of off-the-shelves cards

  • As in learning new creative techniques

  • Maybe making some money on the creative things - thus funding other creative ideas

  • ...and the list could go on.

What is your word describing 2010?

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Melanie's Randomness said...

My word will be Respect. I want respect. I hope you have a great holiday in Spain!!! Merry Christmas!!!