Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Powerfull word - confirmed:o)

This time tomorrow I will be in Spain on vacation - I really didnt believe that I was going anywhare until I saw the word "confirmed".
Totally "me"-time, where I can explore a Christmas decorated Spain with my camera - read some books in a local coffee house, making sketches to some cards, that I want to make.... just let the creative side take over for a while.
I still have some vacation days left when I eventually return to my home, but have thought about making a lot of homemade cards, as friends and colleagues allways tell me, that I could make money on my cards. Up until now I have rejected that idea, but since they have repeated it and ordered cards from me....maybe just maybe I could start someting ....Gonna make big batch of different cards to different occations and see where this is going....
Merry Christmas / Happy holidays / Feliz Navidad

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