Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to all :o)

Took a long walk today after doing some light grocery shopping for my very own New Years Eve - I didn't plan to be home at New Years but it just happened due to changed travel plans (see earlier blogs). And really I don't mind at all - celebrated both my birthday and Christmas abroad this year so why not the last night of this year as well ?

Well I shopped for all my favourite dish - even bought a bottle of bobly (and no can't drink it all - but what is New Years without it). And there are two 15 minute tv-programs, that everybody will watch. Yes they/I will turn on the TV on NewYears eve and see them - totally tradition - have even introduced them to people that have moved to our country, and now they are obsessed with them too.

Novelista Barista talked about being a tourist in her own city in her blog - while I took that walk today, I was reminded, that I live close to some of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Hmmm.... my mind began to wander, and have now decided that I might not travel after all in the beginning of the New Year but instead be a tourist in my own city. I have seen a lot of the seights, but there are still plenty I haven't seen.

Then I looked down to the coffee cup in my hand - then I got a new crazy idea: Why not create a second blog with pics of coffee cups from various coffee houses? I mean, I do try out a lot of them while travelling, so here goes...... I am going to create "CoffeeCup - want to see my collection?"

Happy New Year


Melanie's Randomness said...

I once knew a guy who used to take spoons from every diner he has ever been to. LOL!! It was rather funny. I like the idea of hte coffee cups! I'd like to see the differences.

I hope you have a great New Year!! I'm always a tourist in my own city...i never know where I'm going & I totally look lost. hehe. Cheers girl!! =)

The Coffee Cup said...

Just saw the blog. I love it!!

I hope you got my e-mail...

Buenos deseos,