Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can / Should I Add That To My CV??.... :o)

Cat-sitter.... I mean, somebody is actually putting babysitter and/or dogwalker into their CVs just to show, that they have not been "on the idle side".

Well - I am once again a cat-sitter. A good friend of mine is on vacation and she owns two cats (with personalities!!!), that are not quite suitable to be put into a holiday-care-kennel - both of them are easily stressed and will get sick instantly if away from both their owner and their usual territory.

Me... I am not allowed to have a cat in my appartment (building rules) and with my ever changing travel itiniary, I wouldn't be a proper cat owner. Since I have had cats from childhood until the day I moved into my current appartment (yes we were allowed to keep cats at my dorm while studying) I really miss having a cat in my presence.

My "job description" - well I basically move into my friend's appartment, while she's away making it my temporary home and spoil her cats rotten :o) Her appartment is not far from mine, so the change of route to work is no problem.... and I get to be "cat owner" for a short while.

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