Sunday, January 16, 2011

World Wide News Clippings

Papercraft Inspirations Magazine - a UK magazine that finds its way into my mailbox every month. Amazingly enough, it has been unopened on my desk for a while and today I finally opened it to get some... well yes "inspiration".

My eyes quickly caught the general inchie idea, which I will definately try to incorporate into some of my cards using stamps, pictures etc. :o)

The same article, presenting a how-to regarding the inchies, also briefly mentioned the blog You Can Call Me Gwen .... if you have a spur of creativity you will love her idea!!! Everyday she's making an inchie describing the could call it an alternative diary if you would.

First thought: "That's easy! :o)"... soon to be followed by "Wait!! That's not easy at all!" after having wondering if I could make inchies describing the days that have allready went by this year, which makes her idea even more brilliant.

So now, I will be following her blog and be amazed about her ability to describe her day in an inchie.

This picture is from the blog, You Can Call Me Gwen.


Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you for the kind words; they fuel my motivational engine (and always seem to come just when I need them most). Bless you for them. Just so you know: my "inchie project" started out as a way to force myself to draw something every day (I figured I had enough talent to manage one inch), but became a "catalog of gratitude" (as one of my Dear Readers called it) for the goodness God puts into my life. It's been a wonderful experience! I hope you'll start your you own niche journal, without worrying about the date: I started mine on March 1, 2010! Thanks again for the kind press!

Karen said...

What a cute idea. I couldn't draw anything that tiny with my MS eyes though.