Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work in Progress 1

For future reference: I will never complain when they are doing road construction, repairing or anything else on the local roads. After what I witnessed in India, this will never be looked at in the same manner as before I visited that remote place.

They might have dug up that street - stripped it for bricks, asphalt etc. - but that does not mean, that they will close the road off.... people are still walking, biking and driving through a street, that people are "renovating" - an accepted regular expense when owning a car in Mumbai includes suspension, brakes and stick shift... for them it is usual, and they can drive on the road albeit a "bit" bumpy.

By the way - the dog in the picture is one of the city's huge number of stray dogs - amazing, why they don't do anything about that issue. Witnessed a man getting upset with a stray dog (it was "standing in his way" ??!!) and therefore trew big stones at the dog - heartbreaking. But as a foreigner it is hard to address that incident, when the solution to the problem with stray dogs must be taken centrally in an official office.

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Karen said...

What a different world! My brother went to India years ago and said the level of poverty was astounding.