Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christmas in July

Guess what?! I got a Christmas card in the mail today. Yes, seriously! And not a late one that should have arrived in 2011.

It is from Starz (one of the helping mailers at Secret pal 2012) over on PaperCraftPlanet - one who must know that I like blue, snow, Christmas etc.

Here is another secret: it IS actually Christmas in July in Denmark (also in the fellow Scandinavian countries, as we share the following) - and NO we have not decorated yet for Christmas ;o)

Danish for Christmas is "jul"
Danish for July is "juli"
.... get it?? JULi
See told you that it is Christmas in July here.


Anne-Marie said...

One of my followers (Victoria) was really interested when you mentioned this in your comment on my blog. I totally agree with her.....I want to be Danish....haaa!
Isn't Starz a busy lady....and very talented!

Rosemary said...

I love the card your friend has sent you and JULI. LOL

Thank you so much for your sweet card that you sent me. I'm going to use it for my Independence Day post and it's beautiful. I thank you and appreciate the craftsmanship of your design! (((HUGS)))