Saturday, July 14, 2012

Remember My Name (HuskMitNavn)

HuskMitNavn (Remember my name) is a Danish artist, who started out with street art (grafitti) but is now also present in galeries, museums, books, newspapers etc. An exhibit with and about his works, From Workshop to Artwork, opened earlier this year at KØS - Museum of Art in Public Places and immediately came on my to-see list.

I read about him in the Kaffeslapperas book (by the way there is a knitting pattern with one of his designs that I have to try out), seen some of his drawing in the Danish newspaper Politiken, so was really curious to find out more about his works.

This guy was definately one of my favourites - back to childhood memories, where you could get a moving box to be just abobut anything. Suddenly it just popped into my head: What if HuskMitNavn made a childrens book with this caracter, with his own cool drawings telling the adventures of the time machine boy/man from when he hatched the idea to build his own time machine and the things that he saw during that journey? Or is it HuskMitNavn's intent with this work that it fuels our imagination, like it just did mine?

Lots of drawings/comics that really made me laugh, and interesting to see sketches and then photos of the finished work on walls etc. Can not wait to see more of his works in the future :o)

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Anne-Marie said...

Mmmmmmm.....not sure I'm a fan....bit too far out for my taste....but I like the way your imagination works!