Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Iconic Photos - Steve McCurry

Most of you will most likely recognize this photo with an Afghan girl - it is a 1984 frontpage photo from National Geographic shot by the American, Steve McCurry. I was actually convinced that I did not know any more of this photos before going to see the exhibit with his photos in Øksnehallen, but I was proved wrong. I recognized several of the photos but until going to the exhibit I did not know the name of the photographer.

The Danish newspaper Politiken has a slideshow of this pictures here, and two of the photos that I like the most are among them: 1) the four nuns dressed in pink each carrying and umbrella and 2) an Indian tailor saving his most important thing, his sewing machine, through the waters caused by a monsoon.

So was started out as a must-do-something on a vacation day turned out to be a colouful trip around the world through the eyes of Steve McCurry, and hopefully I will continue it soon when I get the book with his wonderful photos. Go to his website as you will find a lot of his great photos there - a bit of a warning though: the time will pass away fast as you will get lost in his picures due to awesomeness :o)


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like the pink nuns too...the sewing machine in the water is very creative too

Anne-Marie said...

My brother used to have this photo on his wall....those eyes!
I'm in love with the sleeping brown bear, and the women in Yemen with the straw hats....beautiful!

scrapnhawaii said...

Oh, my! I have always loved this photo when I first saw it in the National G. She is a beautiful girl and those eyes are memorizing. That photo is a classic one I think I will always remember. I did read the follow up on his search to find the girl in the photo some 15 years later. It was a very interesting story or just how much her life has changed since that photo.

scrapnhawaii said...

BTW, I wish I can read Dutch!!! Google does not translate very well in English!!