Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea Pots - Third Crafter's Tea Part Swap Part 2

The third swap theme at Crafter's Tea Party is: tea pots. Ahmm... here is a secret: I actually do not own a tea pot. No need to re-read what I just wrote, because I simply have not found a replacemen for the one that broke 13-14 years ago. Why? Well I am picky and want one that speaks to me.

In the absence of a real teapot, these are in my possession:

If the people you visit do not drink tea reguarly, they might not consider, that you need something to place the teabags on - letting them stay in your cup makes the tea bitter or super strong.

If you have loose tea, you often use a tea filter (in the absence of a tea strainer), and then one of these could come in handy: to close the teabag and preventing too many tea leafs in your tea cup.

Found this one in the DAR Museum (Daughter's of the American Revolution) in Washington D.C.: a fabrick coaster with spices, so when you place a warm tea cup on it, the spices put a nice Christmassy scent in the room.

With favourite color being blue, this was something I had to own.

There you have it - my life with "tea pots" :o)

OK back to the swap. Decided that I was a long time ago, that the iris fold has been on one of my cards. The paper used in the iris fold is once again recycled tea bag wrappers - this time so you could sence the various kinds/labels of teas out there.

Another excuse to use Mel Stampz freebie Moroccan tile paper, and one of the sentiments from Taylored Expressions CreativiTEA set was added.

Tea bag holder was inspired by this tutorial, same Moroccan tile paper used and the Bugaboo digistamp I have used on many swaps.

This card went down under to Karen in New Zealand - and she already received it so ok to post it now - and it contained some CHAI tea as I know she likes that.


Vicky said...

I love the idea of setting a warm cup of tea on the mat and getting a lovely aroma.

Fab card, that Moroccan paper is really lovely.

Karen said...

Love your iris fold teapot!