Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shut Your Eyes Tight

Ever put down a book and asked: When is the next one (the 3rd) coming out? Hah! I already know the answer to that: April 24th :o)

2nd book about the retired police detective (homiside), Dave Gurney, who's little grey cells are once more being put to work when the mother of a brutally murdered bride asks him to investigate the circumstances, as the local police have not made any progress in solving the murder.

When he digs deaper into the tragedy he is once again facing something that is not as it seems, he "just" need to find what that something is, which is covered in a labyrinth of sexually disturbed young women, the suspect that has vanished without a trace and lies.


A lot of you already know about my love of books, but go over to Steve McCurrys blog and see the great post he did celebrating books with quotes and some of his awesome photos :o)

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