Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patriot Colors

The latest challenge at Order of the Opus Gluei: To show our patriotism with our flag's colors - well colors of my flag is red and white, but I am not going to showcase something related to Denmark. Instead I will pay tribute to friends, family, new friends (met via the WWW) who celebrated Canada Day on Saturday or 4th of July today.

Both projects uses the same technique: iris folding, and there are lots of inspiration to get at Circle of Crafters. A US friend of mine living here in Copenhagen dropped by my house to ask me to make a card for her parents for 4th of July - I had already started my "coloring by numbers" to find the right color combo for a true American star. Coloring by numbers - a bit like what we did as small children, but using the folding template as "canvas" using markers in the colors you intend to use. If doing trial folds with paper it could either end up being a costly affair if many attempts is needed or make you run out of the paper you want to use.

When she saw the star and the idea to the Canadian maple leaf, she actually told me, that I should make the same card for every recipient, as they were "looking fantastic!" - well trust her judgement, so I went with it.

Can show them to you now, as the recipients have started to write me back:

Red paper used for the Canadian maple leaf is actually from a magazine commercial, that had numerous of red nuances - perfect to give the leaf a little dept. Paper used for the American star is handmade paper from India. Tried to keep these cards "simple" with symbols of the Canadian and US patriotism in the center.

Happy belated Canada Day
Happy 4th of July

Entering it to
Order of the Opus Gluei: Challenge #134: America, America or wherever you hold allegiance.
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Judy at Peace Be With You said...

That is beautiful work.

Judy at Peace Be With You said...
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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I received the star!! It is gorgeous and what a nice surprise
Thank you

Rosemary said...

I so loved mine, it was so thoughtful and kind of you. The technique packs a seriously great impact! Thank you!!!!

Mele09 said...

Hiya Anne:
Again, thank you for the 4th of July card. So wonderful & thoughtful of you to think of me. Love the technique.
Aloha, Dori

Rosemary said...

I know I already commented and said how much I loved this but now I'm going to do so in my (ahem) official capacity for Opus Gluei! I love these cards and the obvious friendship and care that went into the creative process. You are a gem, Anne, a real gem of a person.