Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Classic Movie: Death on the Nile (1978)

The title of an Agatha Christied story that sprung into my head when I was standing in front of a pyramid in Egypt less than two months ago. Got to see the 1978 movie (marked by age and many screenings) at a local cinema last Sunday and it truly felt like being 3 places at the same time: being entertained in the cinema darkness, being in Agatha Christie's bookworld and back in Egypt amazed by the seights. 10 minutes into the movie I realized why the thought of the book had occured: the newly wed Doyles are at the pyramids and sfinx at the Giza Plateau - the same place I was visiting.

Fascinating that one sees new details, when seing the film where it is supposed to be seen: at the cinema - despite knowing the plot and having seen it a lot of times on tv. Agatha Christie's stories about Hercule Poirot seem to be timeless and still manages to intrigue people of all ages :o)

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Birdie said...

Will have to see if I can find this one to watch. Pretty sure I will never see the place it was filmed but you have me most curious about movie now.