Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the 5th Time: Yippie-Kay-Yay!!!!

The well-known words from John McClane (Bruce Willis) who has a talent spotting terrorists from a long distance and do his best to not letting the bad guys win - I have now seen all 5 movies in the cinemas, as simply had to go in and see his latest adventure (Yay! for enough cinema points to claim a free ticket) A Good Day to Die Hard.

This time we meet his son John McClane Jr - and even though they will not admit it at first, they are "like father - like son" which naturally spurs the humor we find in every Die Hard movie. This time the scene is Moscow, Russia - John Sr. tries to speak a little Russian with the help of a travel guide, but gives up and later on his not-understanding-Russian makes us laugh. Some critics do not like this movie, claiming it is an 80s relic - but hey! it is an action movie, which most of the time someone being macho - and terrorists are often on the outlook for something to use as weapons, so why not use some historic place that we do know something about? Die Hard movies are not supposed to be deep movies nor romantic ones but fun action - and that is what you can expect from this movie.

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