Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Lover's Club: Bookmarks - Part 1

Are your bookmarks always hiding, when you need one? So you grab what is available/suitable and use that item as a bookmark? Weather you answered yes or no, I think you will enjoy reading Michael Popek's book "Forgotten bookmarks".... and while reading it myself I realised that I used a ticket stub (flight) as my bookmark :o) I have several bookmarks but they all seem to be hiding in books - Some came with an O Magazine with quotes about books, a souvenir bookmark from London, a red ribbon, bookmark from a fellow crafter etc.

Sent my swap partner Diana the book as a teaser until she received my bookmarks.

Here are my 3 bookmarks - first one is with tea cups, as I always drinks loads of tea while reading - Thinking that Diana might be drinking a lot of tea or coffe while reading. Christmas, hoping that Diana gets to read more than to-do-lists or wish-lists during a busy month of December. Finally a reading girl, with a fitting sentiment on pages from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility" (a worn down copy - have purchased a new one to replace it).

This card was also sent with the bookmarks, and now I just hope that Diana will not run out of bookmarks anytime soon.


Karen said...

I love bookmarks and have a huge collection.

Karen said...

What an interesting book. I once had to visist the library looking for a bookmark one of the children had left in a book and was amazed when haned a rather full shoe box to look through. Seems it is a common thing to do, leave something behind in a book.