Friday, February 8, 2013

The Jane Austen Marriage Manual

How do you find your very own Mr. Darcy? Especially when you are getting close to the big 4-0?

Love books inspired by Jane Austen (this year is the 200th aniversary of the publishing of "Pride and Prejudice") and it seems to be a everlasting ressource of inspiration to romantic books, dreams etc. The most eerie thing about this book is, when I stumbled across it on my vacation, I was as close to my 40-mark, as Kate in the book - but did not realise that until I had almost finished reading the book.

"If lives throw you a lemon, make lemonade" (Joan Collins), an that exactly what Kate tries to persue when she gets fired from her journalist job. Despite warnings from her best friends, that reminds her, that she is not Jane Austen, when she tries to follow Jane's advice for company to see if they still work in or time in a freelance assigment. If you know your Jane Austen, you will recignize a lot of updated things, and if you have never been bitten by the Jane Austen bug, then this will still be an entertaining chic-lit.

Well Kim Izzo must be a bit of a Jane Austen addict herself as every chapter starts with a quote from one of Austen's book - and the name of some of the characters on recognizes from the Austen novels: Emma, Brandon, Marianne


claire7q said...

I read this one too :D
Enjoyed it.

Rosemary said...

Oh, I will have to find this one - sounds like something I'd really enjoy!