Thursday, February 7, 2013

December Tea Swap - Part 2

Received the swap from Melanie more than a month ago today, but have not had the chance to post it until now (unexpected blogger problems)- she already knows I received it. Some might argue, that it arrived too late for Christmas. But Hey!! If the Hobbits can have second breakfast..... then I can have second Christmas - namely January 6th. Lots of people regard January the 6th as their Christmas, and I will just use any excuse to prolong my Christmas (I love all the lights and decorations).....and now the Christmas decorations have come down, but some still keep the lights out, as it still gets dark early (a mnth ago it was 4pm - now it is 5pm).

If you remember the post about my swap, we were supposed to make two tags. Look at this tag - is it not amazing with that bell??!! Already told Merle, that I will not use it as a tag, but instead it is now one of my Christmas tree ornaments.

Here is the second cas tag, that will also become a Christmas ornament :o)

The tea came in a Santa tea bag holder - Santa's beard seems to be made of homemade paper (??) attached directly to the holder - definately an item that will be a part of future Christmases... just might copy this idea to other holidays as well.

Local Hawaiian Christmas ornament - the simple look makes it look so elegant.

And the tea.... long gone now - 3 new flavours that were all good. Thanks for being my swap partner Merle :o)


Karen said...

Oh, lovely!
Glad to see you can put photos on:)

Rosemary said...

Aw, this is wonderful. I love that you have these ornaments to remind you of faraway friends. Isn't that wonderful for Christmas? I've missed your blogging.