Sunday, February 17, 2013


16th president of the USA - who fought for the 13th Ammendment to the Constitution - emancipation. Went in to see the movie - a lot of people have complained about the amount of conversation in the movie. Honestly, I think they are forgetting something: politics involves a LOT of talking, speaches etc. It was the "hottest potato" of the time: emancipation - at the same time the Civil War was tearing the country apart leaving long trails of casualties. It's also very dark - but that is helping one to feel/understand the grim reality of the Civil war and it's human casualties.

Guessing most this part of history - so can only recommen you to see this movie.

No wonder, that Martin Luther King delivered "I Have a Dream" speach on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in DC - as Lincoln helped pave a trail for a lot of people seeking freedom and equal right. I know this speach, but never knew that King delivered the speach at the memorial - that I ound out on the day I visited the place which coincidently was Martin Luther King Day. The view from the monument is spetacular - no wonder that he's sitting watching over the Mall to capitol Hill.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC (2007)


Birdie said...

This is one movie I want to see. The man was far wiser than he is given credit. So instrumental in America's history.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I look forward to seeing this movie. Thanks for your view of it

Anne-Marie said...

I've seen the trailer and aim to get to see it very soon....the man has always fascinated me. Hope you are well, Anne. x