Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea Swap: Christmas Tea & Bazar - Part 2

Received Nicole's swap last week (how time flies by soo fast at the moment) and could not stop smiling when I realised that she too had chosen a knitted thing as the bazaar item: a mug warmer. a thing that has already come in handy as the tea is cooling down way to fst in our cold weather.

The tea bag holder also have an identical pocket in the back, an idea I might just use in the future in some altered way. The embossed card just underlines how many cool Christmas embossing folders that are available, and suddenly happy that we locally have a limited selection to choose from, or I would just end up using to much on crafty supplies.

Thanks for being my swap partner nicole :o)

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Karen said...

Oh, I love the teacup cosy!