Monday, September 16, 2013

August Tea Swap 2013 - Part 1

The swap partner in August was Mary, she was also my swap partner in September 2011 - so nice, that Fran is able to attract the same participants for this long period of time, showing that a lot of us appreciacte her efforts to host this swap :o)

Optional theme this at the August swap was a child's birthday with primary colors as optional colors to use - just look at that technique used on that stamped image. Had to ask Mary, and it is a double stamp technique called kissing - amazing effect, have to look into it.

Two teas that I have not tasted before were included in the swap: Bigelow's Raspberry Royale and Twinings' Fresh & Fruity (raspberry, strawberry and loganberry).

The tea bag's satchets are both pink and thinking those would be very suitable if one were to sent out cards with breast cancer ribbons etc during the month of October (breast cancer awareness month) to include some of these teas, as October is implies fall a lot of places. Grinning wide here when realizing that the enclosed tea fuelled creative ideas even before drinking them :o)

Mary, thanks for being my swap partner this month.

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Karen said...

I really like the monochromatic look of this and that bike is realy lovely.