Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MY Bucketlist

One of the boats at Copenhagen Harbour

A boat on my bucket list??!!
Well not exactly. But sailing is on my bucketlist, or rather a very special event where a part of a great adventure hopefully will come true for me - going sailing with the project Sailing Sclerosis. That is why I might have been a little absent from time to time the past 4 months, as I have taken up sailing again. Yes, sailing IS an exhausting sport even for those without MS: makes you sleep like a baby in the nights after having been out on a boat.
The quiet void out there when at sea and yet at the mercy of nature, as the ocean can be a rather dangerous place to be - a Danish MS doctor wants to sail the world with MSers, where the partipating MS'ers will be on the boat on a various lenght of time depending on their MS, and with capable helpers onboard used to the ocean.
I have been pondering wether to share this now, or wait until I knew that a spot on this adventure had come my way. Nothing is fixed yet, but I decided that sharing will make it a stronger wish for me to get one of the spots - knowing that something unexpected could happen - but how would I feel in a couple of years knowig, that I should have seized the chance for a once in a lifetime experience but did not dare to take the jump??
The first leg of the world trip will set sail in May next year, and I just hope that one of the many spots on that trip will come my way - Wish me luck!!


Birdie said...

You know I'm rooting for you!

Maria :) said...

Wooooohoooo! Sail along lady sailor! Sail along!

Karen said...

Hope you get a spot! What a marvellous adventure it would be!

Karen said...

Well I too hope you get a spot on this adventure, I can't wait to hear the good news. And I have just had the "once in a lifetime" talk with Nick when he was offered the chance to meet a world famous NZ boxer and spend the morning with him at his gym and be a sparring partner or go to his soccer prize giving.