Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zoetropes - Trylletromler

10 carpenter apprentices from Copenhagen Technical School have build this Pavillion MAA 1:1 Zoetropes (Danish: Pavillion MAA 1:1 Trylletromler) designed by a Dutch architectural company, FABRIC, in the King's Garden, Copenhagen.

It an open exhibit which is on for a month - inviting/luring passers-by to take a closer look and even trigger their imagination walking around in this wooden 300 meters long creation. Overheard a kid say: "....this is going to be my playroom, this is going to be the kitchen.......". Me, I enjoyed the shapes and arches of this creation adding another inpirational, creative event to my favourite park in Copenhagen. Planning to go over to the park on a rainy day while the exhibit is there, since I can not help wondering if a greyish/rainy background might trigger other views/thoughts than it did in yesterday's nice autumn weather.

The free newspaper MetroExpress had an article about this exhibit which made me plan the photowalk yesterday - and could spot other photo happy people taking their photos - and it is usually a good source when it comes to events.


Birdie said...

Wowza! Love that fence. Functional work of art and I think if I lived there a return visit or three would be on the agenda.

Maria :) said...

wow that looks so cool and i wish I could go ad have a walk through it. amazing

Karen said...

Hey now that is cool, heres another thought for you...wonder what it would look like from above?