Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy ... Read a Book Day

I my world every day is Read a Book Day - mostly not as in cover to cover, but at least some pages. For me reading is almost like meditation - or as the quote on the card says "Reading is dreaming with open eyes".

But reading can also be looking at pictures or drawings in a book - so I just realised, that I can add three books to the list of books read in 2013 so far: "All the Buildings in New York", "Work - The World in Photographs" and "We Knit Love". A book with illustrations (drawings, photos etc.) can be as powerful as the written word

The card is made for the September Holiday Cards Swap on the Anything Goes Forum at PaperCraftPlanet - this month's swap  partner is Josie and I can not wait to see what day she picked this month.


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I agree with B! Very perfect card Anne!