Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brrrr.... It's Cold Outside!!!

It has been cold outside for a while - but this weekend tops it all: right now (during daytime!!) minus 25 celcius / minus 13 Fahrenheit - that's including the wind chill factor.... Just had news yesterday from Florida and Houston: ice...things got frozen... I was baffled: really in those places too?!

Oh wish I had a fireplace, but can't have that in my appartment.... Have crawled under a warm blanket, made lots of tea, lighted candle lights and will absorb myself into the book-world.

Yesterday also included indoor activity - but also some of the domestic must-do like laudry, baking bread and at long last taking down the Christmas decorations. It also meant creative ideas could be made into cards - made 7 of them.... Ok I'll admit it: 4 of those was X-mas cards - but I had the ideas at that moment and decided to follow them - later today I might do some more cards, as the book that I started reading gave me additional ideas.

Stay wam everybody!

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