Saturday, January 9, 2010

Will your reading material tell what mood you're in??

Earlier this week, I was suddenly on my way to Malta - my job called me up and asked me if I was doing anything special other than being on vacation (as in away from my job).... I decided to go - and at the airport I went to the usual bookstore - I always read a lot of books when travelling since there is bound to be waiting time at the airports and on the plane.....

This time I picked Cecilia Ahern's "The Gift" - why did I chose that book? I made me think about: How/why you pick certain books? My answer would be - I am still having my Christmas vacation - away from the job from December 23rd og January 18th... So that might be the explanation.

Then moving on to tree books on my table right now - and I cant decided which one to read first. The selection to pick from is as follows:

- "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs
- "Stetely Pursuits" by Katie Fforde
- "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell

Okay?! And why did I pick them?? First the selection baffled me - but then it hit me: Of course this should be the selection. I have all Katie Fforde's books - they are all about a creative girl/woman, who for some reason steps away from the daily life and turn to their creative abilities and make it the new life/income. And the creative aspect is also in the knittingbook.

"Julie and Julia" - well I have started to cook more instead of microwave selections from the local supermarket and most of my bread is now homemade....

I've looked at the numerous book titles in my appartment - and I have no doubt... all of them was picked by either mood or an hobby/issue that I was interested in at the time of the purchase.

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