Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Ain't A Fit Night Out For Man Nor Beast

If you know who said those words, chances are that you have seen the old black-n-white movie "A Fatal Glass of Beer" with WC Fields..... The only thing, that I can remember from this movie is, that every time that WC Field's character says those words, a spay of snow hits his head....

Those words have been playing around in my head this week, since we have had two snowstorms this week already and the weather forecast for the next week: no particular changes - compared to the previous four or five winters this is COLD - the other winters has been slightly over the freezing point, but since the beginning of December heavy/warm clothing has been necessary when going outside..Brrrr!!

But I actually like the snow - just walking in new snow is great (the sound every steps make is cosy) - and the landscape seems to be black and white - without any colors, as if the houses color suddenly fades temporarily. Watching couples building a snow man makes me smile - some friends asked me, if I was not a tiny bit envious on the couples, but that could be replied with a big "NO!" as the couples are sharing their "snow-moment" with eachother while being creative :o)

A lot of people gets stressed since they are forced to slow down. Hey it's no different for your neighbour: He/she has to slow down too!! But eventhough we have experienced several snow storms this winter already, people act if this is their first encounter with snow - hence a lot of trafic accidents etc..

This week the snow situation has been a bit hard on me - but that's simply due to the fact, that I had my monthly MS treatment earlier this week, thus reducing some of my normal strength.. But it's slowly coming back - I "just" have to be patient....

Stay warm, and hope you enjoy the snow (if you have any)......

Today's pic is from a trip to Montreal, Canada.

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