Monday, January 25, 2010

Horoscopes.....Are they for real?

I can't decide: Do I believe that they are for real? Or just Humbug?

I am an Aquarius - and if you read the general description of the Aquarius most of it actually fits me. But then there are the horoscope, printed in almost every printed magazine that you can lay your hand on.... Are they for real? Or is it just coincidense if they fit?

What hit me the most, was when a friend of mine got the courage to show me a magazine clipping that she had saved in her purse ".... On the 29th on of your friends will need you more than ever to get through a very rough time" - I just looked at her looking like one big question mark. So? Then the asked me to look at the date on the clipping..... Ok then I got really freaked.....

29th of July = the date, when I was diagnosed with MS at the hospital - at that time sitting in a wheelchair.... thanks to my frinds I fought the MS and trained my way back to normal living.... ok maybe not normal, but as close as I can get.

For me reading horoscopes is a bad thing, since my mind starts working out scenarious about what I just read - god and bad... if the bad ones occur - then I am spiralling downwards. So I actually only read old horoscopes to figure out if they actually came close to the truth... and they hardly ever do...

Howcome the general description is accurate, when the dailies often fail to have any substance???

Found this picture from the horoscope section of a magazine, and I can somehow relate to this girl.... :o)

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