Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project Runway - Don't You Just Love It?

Fascinated - and yet soo envious that they are able to create fanstastic clothing with very short notice. I'll admit it: I am addicted to this program - if am not home, when it's being aired, then I TiVo it. For a long time I did not reveal to any of my colleagues, that I'm watching this on tv, because I don't watch that much tv at all.

But they surprised me - a lot of them were addicted too :o) And then I discovered, that a lot of them do creative stuff in their spare time too: painting, sewing, knitting, pottery, photographing...and the list goes on. Yet everybody know, that I do creative stuff - mainly because they have asked me to make a lot of homemade cards to colleagues for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

And yes, I can both sew and knit - in highschool I was very bad at it - and I didn't try again until 6 years ago, when I challenged myself. I kept the projects secret, until they were finished - and people couldn't believe that I had made it, but were soon convinced that I actually had.

I don't have the time to do every creative thing that I really want to. But yet I know if my MS becomes worse and disables me from being able to work - then I might have the time and energy to pursue some of these projects. I firmly believe that that kind of thinking helps me from freaking out when thinking about the MS - it is kind of my emergency plan....

My favourite challenge of Project Runway is where they were taken to the Hersheys store to collect material/inspiration for a project - and that again reminds me of the candy wrapper bags by Ecoist - and those bags are so great, not only because they are special, but also due to the recycling issue.....

OK - now I am babbling and just got some ideas to new cards... and I am going to flow with those ideas.

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I love Project Runway. This season looks great!!! =)