Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zara - my addiction to a label.....

Can you be addicted to a label/brand of clothes? I my little world you absolutely can. And for some odd reasons, all my purchases regarding this brand are made abroad.

Ok - maybe not "odd reason", since the most free time I have on my hands is usually when I am travelling. Oh.... and that statement just sounded like I putting in 70+ workhours per week - which I don't. I have a fairly normal work week and "just" uses all my spare time to do craft or reading good books. But strangely enough, I am more relaxed about shopping for clothes when travelling.

I like Zara because it is good quality - and a lot of the items you can wear both as casual business clothing or leisure time clothing, depending on the specific combination of clothing. And usually the price I end up paying is cheaper than the price at my local store.

Buy locally - I know that that is a mantra for a lot of people these days - actually including myself. See this brand is not locally made, so does it matter, where it is purchased? I actually buy local labels as well, and this is actually the only foreign label - and none of the local ones match Zara's style. When it comes to food, etc. I always make sure, that it is produced locally - and preferably organic.

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Zara?? hmm never heard it. I totally get addicted to brands & buy everything from it. lol.