Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday: C is for...

C is for

Look at a problem as a challenge - it removes some of the obstacles
Giving a helping hand to others - you can participate in walks, runs etc. to help support a cause (in the past my causes have been: MS, cancer, breast cancer, fresh water for Africa, Unicef etc.)
Favourite time of the year: X-mas cards, glögg, eggnod, Santa Claus
Unlike most women, I don't eat much chocolate - give me a hot cup of chocolate instead
Hmmm... baked goods with cinnamon
The only not healthy thing that I refuse to give up - but I don't drink that much of it anyway
Letting go of everyday stress and just create something with your hands and imagination
Creme Brûle
Love that dessert - the fascination of it in the movie "Amelie from Montmartre" is soo true to my heart
Hmmm... Indian Curry food... ok now I'm hungry

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