Friday, March 19, 2010

MOJO130 Card Challenge

Another week and another MOJO Monday challenge :o) The card has been finished since Tuesday night, but scraps of paper, ribbons, stamps etc. has been all over my appartment as I suddenly had several ideas that I "needed" to turn into cards.

This week's sketch looked like this:

And my result ended up like this:

What I used to make this card:
PaperCraftInspiration freebies (ribbon and pearls)
Scissor and scalloped scissor
Double sided tape from PanduroHobby
Paper: valentinoise + FancyPantsDesign: Meadow + DreamStreetPaper: Oh la la + Me&MyBigIdeas valuepack paper

1 comment:

~Christina~ said...

A beautiful mix of patterns... I love it :)