Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tell Me the Truth.....

You might have experinced a friend saying those words in order to ask you for your honest opinion...

... Do you like it?
... Do you think, that it's a mistake if....?

If your immediate answer is:

... Are you sure?
... Okay.... (followed by a long pause)

Then the friend might start to get nervous, offensive etc.

A quick assessment of the situation is warrented, but it might not always be that easy to give it straight away... no matter how honest you actually wish to be.....

If you know the question asking that question you a often likely to be able to provide a good answer - but other times you need to figure out if:

... It just might be a subtle excuse for not having an "own opinion" about something and they need to provide one
... The person needs to have confirmation if the thing/matter is handled correctly
... A hidden way of always getting acknowledgement about something that person did (with out asking directly for acknowledgement)....

So what do you think?

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