Friday, March 12, 2010

Hidden treasures...

Sometimes when looking for a specific item, you stumble across an item, which you had forgotten all about...

Turning back the clock a little - or the pages on the calendar - I wrote about doing some sketches to a blog-post, that have been lurking in my head.... but I've been totally absorbed by my knitting project, so it will have to remain in my head just a little longer.

Even though I have "slept like a baby" on my vacation at home, I feel tired all day long - yes it just might be MS fatigue - but actually I don't think so... I don't wake up at the same hour every night as usual... nor do I have to go to the bathroom.... I am dreaming about a lot of creative ideas, and while dreaming even more new ideas pop up - I write them down while eating breakfast everyday, and the wall above my desk is covered with POST-ITs.

I compare the dreams to the dreams, where you have been really active, and you wake up feeling like you might just have finished a marathon run.

The day is not yet over - and still I have already made 3 baby hats.... And just how is that possible? Well my hidden treasure it the QuickKnit I bought a few years back, and it is soo easy making the hats, 'cause my QuickKnit have just the right size for the baby hats. I will have used all the yarn sooner than expected - finished my project (last submission date is April 1st) faster than expected leaving time for new creative projects..

Problem is chosing which project to be next....   :o)

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