Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - O is for...

O is for...

A warm colour, also the sign of autumn - I love seeing leaves in that colour, 'cause it really tells us just how colourfull the Mother Nature really is.Just see the colour's of a leaf during it's life time: light green - deep green - yellow - orange - brown
Not forgetting the oranges - the taste of them especially
Organic Food
Was brought up with it, as my parents like the taste better - and the overwhelming argument: saved a lot of money on the food budget. Would love to have my own lil' garden someday, but with my current job - not possible :o( Pity that it is soo expensive to buy organic food and thus preventing a lot of people from buying it.
Sadly I can "only" make a frog in origami - would like some day to expand the skills
The best of them are copied and only a few of them are refining the original....

The shape of the letter O, has actually been inspiration to two of my favourite movies - if you don't know them already, just see them, and you will know what I mean:
The Hudsucker Proxy
Mars Attacks

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