Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Wide Knit in Public

Saturday, I am going to participate to a local World Wide Knit in Public Day.

I started knitting when I was about 10 years old and frequently for 2-3 years - even made some of my own sweaters.... then I stopped... it wasn't cool to knit... Silly really - but that's group pressure for you when you a teenager eagerly trying to fit in.

I rediscovered knitting 6 years ago - a colleague of mine was an avid knitter always talking about knitting in an interesting way... then I read one of my mum's magazines and saw a sweater that I would loooove to own... Problem was - could only get it, if someone knitted it. That someone turned out to be me so while in MS attack-treatment I decided that knitting that particular sweater was going to be a project helping me not to think too much about my situation (recovering after an MS attack)... Called a helpline when there was one detail in the knitting patterm, that I couldn't quite understand... One week later it was finished :o)

Didn't tell anybody about the accomplishment but people complimented my new sweater as really looking good on me... The first one to ask me, where I had bought the sweater, was my mother. My answer was nowhere... Then who gave it to me? The answer was nobody. Then she was really confused - "But you must have gotten it from somewhere?!" Still remember the look on her face when I told her: "I knitted it myself"... All the people at the dinner table stopped talking and looked at me.... what??!! Later on people have started taking it for granted, that I might have made certain things myself... and they love that side of me. 10 years ago - nobody would have believed it.

This knitting in public is all new to me - even knitting with other people is new to me.. But sometimes you just have to try something new - if I don't enjoy it: then I have at least tried it..  I only have to bring myself and a certain size of knitting needles. Yarn and design will be provided for us. The project is going to be hats for a neonatal intensive care unit at a local hospital.

Look here if you want to see if there is a local Knit in Public day near you :o)

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