Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking Place

Do you ever take a walk and suddenly realise, that it is the same place that you always seek out, when your head is full of thoughts, that needs to be processed?

I went for a walk yesterday, since the sun was there and bringing summer to the tourists in the city - I live minutes from some of my city's tourist attractions - close to the harbour and parks.

While walking I suddenly realised, that it is the same place that I unconsciously choose when ever a boy/man is messing with my head and feelings. I have fallen for someone, who is sending me mixed signals and even though I have confronted him with this, I am still as baffled as before. He's single - and yet off limits. Tells me, that he's not worth the while, and yet a man who have my deepest respect in a lot of ways.

I am telling myself to forget all about him - but it is hard when our paths crosses a lot of times each week...

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