Monday, June 28, 2010

Rubber Duck

When I grew up, we had a bath tub - only used the tub once a week, rest of the weekdays I hit the shower instead, as I was always getting out of bed very late and always just made it to school as the bell rang. These days I "only" have a shower, so when I get a hotel room with a tub I smile - I always take a bath the night I arrive and I have company: a yellow miniature rubber duck while reading a couple of chapters in a good book and enjoying a glass of wine.

My parents never allowed me to have a yellow rubber duck as a child; and it wasn't because that it was expensive or unavailable at the nearest toy store... They just thought it was a stupid toy.... When I moved to my first place away from home, the first thing I bought was my miniature rubber duck that got a good spot beneath the mirror in my bathroom - which only had a shower.

I just remembered that the movie "Convoy" with Kris Kristoffersen - he's the Rubber Duck in the convoy of trucks, and it blew me away when I found this quote:
Melissa: Why do they call you the Duck?
Rubber Duck: Because it rhymes with "luck." See, my daddy always told me to be just like a duck. Stay smooth on the surface and paddle like the devil underneath!
Yikes!! A lot of people around me always think of me as one of the stongest and bravest persons that they know - but they don't see the paddling beneath the surface where I struggle with thoughts just going in all directions at the same time. Now my little yellow rubber duck will have a new meaning for me - a kind of kindred spirit, who will just be there for me and listening - my comfort since I don't have a significant other in my life.

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