Sunday, November 7, 2010

Doing the Energizer Bunny Dance

When will I learn, that I am no longer twenty years old, and I am not equipped with energizer batteries in my body? I have passed the 3 0 and is still some way from the 4 0.But nevertheless energy level also have something to do with age.

Then I could argue, that my activity level has always been high and naturally leads to fatigue, 'cause the body needs its rest. Having MS means that my body sends stronger signals when I am getting tired and it did pre-MS.

Today is no different - I had forgotten to slow down during the week due to work, formal and informal dinners, bowling (reunion with old colleagues), doctor's appointment (getting ready for more travels), crafty must-do-in-the-last-minute-cause-now-everybody-expects-something-home-made-from-me.... and the list goes on... No wonder I woke up soo tired this morning, even though I had 9 hours of sleep.

I must learn to do more breaks just sitting down with a cup of tea just looking out "into the void" without reading a book etc at the same time... talking walks that will make my mind relax more... If I don't do it, I risk that the small signals from my body might result in a MS attack, which I can definately do without.

Off to a friend's house to drink tea, just relaxing and talking about everything and nothing...just sitting down relaxing....

When looking for a picture of  the Energizer Bunny I found this funny bio :o)

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Scientific Housewife said...

I never take naps and after shopping on Saturday I took a 3 hour nap! I think my metabolism is slowly dying, haha.