Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes You Have To Yell Out Loud..


I have been following a blog for six months - a lady that actually lives close to my house and who I had the deepest admiration for... That has just come to an end.

She has mentioned another blog several times, and that other blog's owner have a cool Etsy store from which I have made several purchases. Then suddenly yesterday, the lady I was following advertised for her own new market store  - she mentions, that she had made wrist warmers just like the ones, that from the other blogger's Etsy store. She even has labels that screams out "Copycat!".

It is not ok, that a blogger copies another blogger like that! One thing is, if you are inspired to make an identical item yourself for yourself. But copying another bloggers idea just to make money on it without even making a signature-difference-to-the-design-making-it-a-revised-unique-design: That is not ok!!

Have you ever stopped following a blog because it was simply copying other people's work?

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