Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you ever just....

walked into a store without knowing what made you walk in there in the first place?

       Was it because it looked cosy?
       Did something catch you attention and you can't explain why?
       Was it a fascinating store logo?

See I can't figure out, what made me walk into a Fat Face store and look for je ne sais pas - but I did. The colors of their clothes do look cosy and warm and you had this relaxed feeling just looking at the clothes at the racks, and suddenly - there they were!!

Lunar knitted pump slippers (FatFace)

I bought them within a split second - and the store owner had the biggest smile on his face: "Never in my life, have I seen such a fast decision of buying something!"

If I see something affordable that really just hit that wow-nerve, then I should buy it..... if I am hesitant about something (maybe - maybe not - maybe) then I know, I shouldn't buy it, 'cause that will be something that just ends somewhere deep in my closet never seing the light of day until I decide to donate it to some charity.

It is already gotten pretty cold a nights and I just need something warm on my feet - and these are some of the softest slippers, that I have ever owned in my life......and the knitted look reminds me of something from my childhood: Maybe the pattern? Or did I know somebody who had a knitted sweater in those same colors? These are going to be warming my feet until they are totaly worn-out :o)

Have you ever walked into a store and come out with something totally unexpected that you just love?


Karen said...

What cozy looking slippers! I can remember getting knitted slippers every Christmas, when I was a child, but they didn't have the furry lining.

Scientific Housewife said...

Those look so nice! I've definitely gone in knowing why before, it's great!

Rosemary said...

Oh, I understand completely - I am instantly drawn into stores with a colorful/eye catching display or a warm, cozy feel. I found a vintage store in my hometown that way. It had these vintage attired dress forms in the window and lots of things hanging up outside with cheeky little tags on them. I have loved it ever since!

Your slippers are a fabulous find, they do look warm and cozy and you will be able to enjoy them for many nights to come!