Sunday, November 14, 2010

Writing Class

I recently signed up for a writing class and the deadline for the first submission is today. I had planned to submit this earlier, but I ended up doing the first assignment today in the last minute. Flashback to school - but then the best results from my hand were created at the last minute.

While writing images from a 80s movie were in my head and they wouldn't go away! But at the same time they made me laugh and I suddendly had a different angle to what I was writing. Not that any of it resembled to anything in that movie, but I had this strange feeling that inspired the words I was writing.

I have had a story in my head for the past 1½ years, that I would like to get down on paper one day, so see if I can accomplish just that. No intentions of having it published, it is simply just something for me. And me being reluctant to have the story shown to any publisher is not because it has resemblance ot anything personal, that I am putting down on paper - since it is merely something my mind created. What I was writing today was inspired from the story in my mind, but with a new angle.

The 80s movie in my head was "Romancing the stone" - one of my favourites frmo that time. I remembered the beginning, where Kathleen Turner finish writing her book, that she is having published: the old fashioned type writer, the wall mounted phone, the mail/letters (in stead of our time's email etc) - not that I want to be a romantic novelist like her, but things were just more down to earth.

Next assignment is released tomorrow and is due next Sunday - and I am looing forward to it.

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Karen said...

Make sure you put that story down on paper for real. I was writing my "book" on the computer, the darn thing died (the computer) and of course I hadn't backed up my work...