Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy X-mas Trees

I have been wondering, if I could make some kind of blog Xmas calendar, and the theme presented itself when I coincidently saw the Kickoff of Happy X-mas Trees at the square of Copenhagen City Hall in Copenhagen.

From November 14th and untill Christmas, the decorated Xmas trees made of eco-friendly material can be found all over Copenhagen.... Yes I know what you are thinking: This is just like the Cowparade, exept that this is only a Christmas season event - and this year marks the first one ever. The organizers have planned, that this event will tour to another big city next year etc. The Xmas trees will at a later stage be autioned away and the proceeds will go to a forrestaion project in Mali, Africa.

Like usual, my camera was on overtime and I managed to get decent shots of most of the Xmas trees before they were scattered all over the city - so from December 1st and until Christmas my blog will have Happy Xmas Tree of the Day posts :o) Other regular posts will also appear during December.


Karen said...

Cool...I am looking forward to seeing the trees!

Scientific Housewife said...

Those are fun!