Thursday, November 18, 2010

World Wide News Clippings

Stilkritik: Der Plastik-Weihnachtsbaum

Again my way of "killing time" at the airport - this time a newspaper clipping from a German Newspaper, just to freshen up my German a bit.

The journalist is angry about the christmas tree in Berlin going to be a 27 meter high artificial (plastic) Christmas tree this year instead of the traditional Christmas tree from Bayern. In his opinion they might as well cancel Christmas if they do not want the real thing at the Gedächtniskirche.... and he continues with a black vision reasoning to the extreme.

You start laughing at first about the way he wrote his article, but then you start to think about the consequenses if you opt for more and more artificial (in his world: fake) things instead of the good old traditions.

Well I want the Christmas trees both at the apparment building where I live, in my neighbourhood and at the city hall to be the real thing - but in my home it sadly has to be the artificial once, as I am allergic towards pinetrees :o(

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Karen said...

Allergies here too, so artificial it is. But I really think anything outside SHOULD be REAL!