Monday, November 8, 2010

GOOGLE - Oracle or Menace?

A lot of internet users gets information from GOOGLE everyday - it has never been easier to retrieve information regarding a specific topic, since it is only a few clicks away.

I frequently use GOOGLE - both in private and at work, when I need to learn some basic details. When I grew up, I often had to look something up in the encyclopedia, if I wanted to get some of the basics - a visit to the library addional info was required when writing an essay/paper for school. Will future generations even beware of or appreciate the source of info at a library? For them it will be weird not to be able to look up info at home from a computer or similar.

However - Have you ever experienced, that GOOGLE can be a real menace? Do you know somebody that needs to double check everything with GOOGLE as if they are not believing anything somebody is telling them? Some times that type of people make you wonder if they are able to have knowledge of their own or simply mistrusting everybody else's knowledge.

I love the way, that GOOGLE celebrates holidays, events, special birthdays etc. with the customised logo honouring that - one of my favourite is this one honouring the birthday of Dr.Seus :o) Some times I look at the GOOGLE page to see, if they have an "occation logo".


Karen said...

Google...gotta love it, or not! It is handy for quick information, but often the information found can be inaccurate, outdated or just plain wrong. But that's not the fault of Google, it's just a search engine.

I do like the customised logos!


Rosemary said...

I find the Google logos for holidays, events, etc. cute, but I know what you mean about it sometimes sending you off into the wrong direction. I remember looking things up in the card catalog and the encyclopedia, it's kind of a shame the generations that won't learn that because it is a good means of learning to how to research through process rather than simply speed.